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Prices are based on properties up to and including four bedrooms, an incremental price increase will apply for larger properties. Please feel free to ask.

Frequently asked questions

My contact details are on the bottom so you can drop me an e-mail or give me a call.

Yes. Ensure I have their contact details and I will make the necessary arrangements and keep you informed so you know what the time expectations are.

From the point of which I gain access to the property I would like to have everything back to you in 48hrs. Naturally some aspects are quicker to produce and can be finished quicker. Also we all know that sometimes there is a rush on to get to market, let me know and I will do my best.

As soon as I have completed the work I will share the folders across to you either as Drop Box or Google.

I will send you folder in which will be one set of images of a higher resolution for print media and a second of lower resolution optimised for web application. These will be sized at 1024 by 683 pixels optimised for Rightmove.

Let me know what has been agreed with the client and I will bill each party respectively.